Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do we use to create our jewelry?

While sometimes, we add elements of other metals to our work, the designs are mostly sterling silver and sometimes fine silver or gold-fill accents. Sterling silver is a commonly used semi-precious metal that contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% of an alloy, usually copper, to add durability and strength. Focal stones, such as freshwater pearls, minerals and many semi-precious gemstones are also used to accent our designs. Please note that sterling silver will naturally tarnish over time, which is normal. If your silver does not tarnish, sometimes that is an indication that it is not real. 

What is gold-fill? 

Gold-fill is an affordable gold option for jewelry. It is a thick layer of gold, 12kt or 14kt, layered over an alloy base metal. This gold layer is a sleeve that is thick enough and will not wear off, if taken care of properly. This is different from plating; it will not turn green or peel off. Plating is when a base metal is dipped into a chemical to get the look of the desired metal. Think of it as a layer of paint. With proper care, gold-fill can last you a long time. The gold tones are visually appealing in our pieces and costs significantly less because of the base metal core. We use gold-fill in our mixed metals pieces, while keeping our designs at a reasonable price range for our customers. 

How can you clean your jewelry at home?

Our designs are created to be long lasting treasures. Metals oxidize naturally over time, but if the oxidized look is not your style, here are some tips on how you can clean your jewelry at home. Use mild soap, warm water, and a soft bristle toothbrush to clean your pieces: gentle circular motions are best to remove natural oils from the skin, dirt from the environment, and lotions/perfumes.  Please gently dry the pieces immediately, so there are no water marks: DO NOT AIR DRY! Be extra careful with pearls and gemstones. Avoid using polishing solutions and creams that may damage your gemstones! Also, avoid baking soda or toothpaste to clean your pieces. For a shiny and polished look, please purchase a polishing cloth to keep your pieces sparkling. NEVER shower or swim with your jewelry on. Remember your ABC's of jewelry cleaning: Always Be Careful!

Can we recreate pieces from other designers/artists?

As tempting as it may be for us to please every customer by fulfilling every order that comes through, it is not possible to do so. Some artists have copyrights on their designs, which by law, would be illegal. Also, our designer would like to respect the design ideas of other artists. 

Do we offer jewelry repair services?

Due to liability issues, we do not repair pieces that were not designed and made by Reimers Designs.

What is our return/exchange policy?

Reimers Designs currently does not offer returns or exchanges, but we do offer repairs. Once we inspect the damages, the repair costs and shipping costs will be billed to the sender through an invoice. 

How can you get your finger sized?

We hope to have affordable ring sizers for sale in the near future, for those who are interested. In the meantime, please stop by your local jewelry shop or the jewelry section in a department store to try on their rings or ask to be sized. 

How can you place a custom order?

Please use the Contact Us tab or send an email to, and be as detailed as possible in your requests. Please keep the designs within the realm of my current designs.