Our (her)Story

Pam Reimers, founder and designer of Reimers Designs, is a classically-trained artist and entrepreneur. She attended Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, PA, where she earned a BFA in 3D Fine Arts in 2011. Reimers gained hands-on experience in the industry, while working at several jewelry studios in Philadelphia & New York City.


While in college, Reimers was relentless in her pursuit of an internship opportunity with a renowned metals artist/jewelry designer, Thomas Mann, who became her mentor. Reimers spent a few months at Thomas Mann's Studio Flux in New Orleans, where she learned to master the art of production jewelry.

In 2013, just two years after graduating from college and gaining hands-on experience in the field, Reimers decided to open her own jewelry business. Soon after, she began to flourish and gain recognition for her work from local boutiques in the Philadelphia area. Reimers later participated in many craft shows, including the incredible Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA) Craft Show, two years in a row. Reimers Designs is an e-commerce Philadelphia-based company that specializes in quality handmade jewelry that utilizes genuine semi-precious gemstones and mixed metals; mainly sterling silver. In 2018, Reimers earned a Masters of Science in Marketing Communications from Temple University's Fox School of Business, to further expand her knowledge about branding.


In most recent years, Reimers hosted a series of craft shows, which she coordinated and curated to provide several Philadelphia-based artists and entrepreneurs a platform for more exposure. She plans to continue sharing the spotlight and success with her peers by hosting more craft shows in the Philadelphia-area. Reimers maintains a balance between both careers and plans to assist other entrepreneurs with branding and marketing their small businesses. 


Reimers is currently expanding the brand to reach the male demographic, by offering one-of-a-kind mens pieces; such as gemstone bracelets, lapel pins, and cufflinks. 

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We hope to design something special for you soon!